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Welcome to my world! I created this site to document my existence, share my art, and to challenge myself to learn something new - coding!

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There isn’t an end goal for this site, so things will continuously evolve and change over time. Check back soon to see what's new!

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What's Been Goin' On?
3/30/24 - New blog post: No More Sickness! New shrine page: Music Stats! New homepage section: "Check This Out" see below!

2/14/23 - New blog post!! Celebrating valentine's day with my bf! Go check it out (-:

2/5/24: Updates to my bedroom shrine page, as well some new additions to my about page! My next big project will probably be another shrine page - maybe the love letters... who knows.

UPDATE! - I've created a page dedicated to providing resources for those in need of some sort of support, whether that be related to equality or mental health struggles - the information is there for you! I plan to add to it over time and provide more worldwide options for those outside of the United States

~ Hey, Check This Out! ~

Killing Us Softly - Impact of Ads on Gender Identity, Gender Roles, & More! vvv