Hey there friend! I've created this page as a resource for those who are in need of guidance and help with their mental health. As someone who prioritizes their mental health and has taken a huge interest in the mental wellbeing of others, I find it extremely important to share these resources. When dealing with my own intrapersonal conflicts, I know that feeling of loneliness and how it seems like no one understands. Unfortunately, I know a significant portion of the world population feels this deeply as well, so providing avenues for individuals to find a community or any other form of help can reduce that feeling of disconnect. I may provide other sources pertaining to other topics that are occuring around us, so keep an eye out!

Even if you don't have any inner troubles, that doesn't mean this information is immediately obsolete. I guarantee that you have friends and family who could be struggling. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 8 people around the world are struggle with some sort of mental health condition, depression and anxiety being the most common (WHO). Part of the reason there is such an epidemic of loneliness amongst us is that lack of initiative to discuss the highs and lows of life.

I admit, talking about those deeply rooted feelings is not easy. I often think, "Where do I even begin? How would they ever be able to understand?" Well, we have to start with the emotion itself. No one will ever understand unless you talk about it, even if it is something little - it still matters. You matter. You are worth listening to, worth being here, worth achieving your goals, and worth living a good life to your standards - not others!