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July 12, 2024 5:20PM
Feeling: exhausted and grateful
Songs: $uicideboy$ - THORNS & The Little Dippers - Forever (two completely different vibes lol)

Hello Blog! A lot has happened!

Currently watching Evil and snacking on some oreo ice cream (-: very happy that things are starting to settle down, these last handful of days have been hectic!
To start, my mom, sister, and I went on a road trip that was suppose to last two weeks. We began the trip by staying at my aunt's house over the weekend before going to Wisconsin to see my grandparents. We planned on leaving super early Monday morning to head north, but not even five minutes on the road when my step dad calls saying Hurricane Beryl was blowing off our roof (very much an exaggeration), so we stopped at a gas station and figured out that we needed to head back home.

We left the following morning and the journey back home was a little crazy. We passed so many gas stations with HUGE lines that would sometimes stretch all the way into the exit ramps! Saw a bunch of semi-trucks hauling telephone poles and shingles, as well as a ton of power company utility trucks from out of state. Was pretty cool seeing others coming in to help. Once we got back home the house was HOT!! Like 90 degrees (F) in my room and every time I'd move around I'd be dripping in sweat - ew. The wind was so bad from the hurricane that we lost a lot of shingles and ended up getting several leaks around one end of the house, but thankfully our neighbor came over and did a really good patch over everything! We had generators and some ac units to help keep our things cool and food fresh too.

My boyfriend Corey also didn't have power at his house, but was getting word that things would be fixed sooner than expected so we ran some errands to pass the time. Anything to not be in the sufficating heat!! Corey's house had running water still, so we freshened up and the power came on right after!! WOOO!! Immediately went back to my place to pack an overnight bag omg I've never packed so fast in my life! I spent maybe three days at his house, but thankfully our power came back on and now I've been trying to settle back into my routine. I honestly slept in a little late today, but tomorrow I'm hoping to run some errands, do a ton of self care, see Corey, and work on more career research. I have another career counselor appointment coming up next week, so I need to get some things done before that (-:

Been feeling a lot more confident in my prepping for my career and whatnot. While we were staying with my aunt's house, we went shopping at an outlet mall and my aunt got me some work pants and a realllly nice silk sage green button-up shirt omg it's so pretty!!! Gonna go shopping with my mom soon to get another top or two and some work shoes ((-: VERY excited!


June 30, 2024 1:32AM
Feeling: hyped, but sleeeepy
Songs: South Arcade - stone cold summer & Lola Young - Fuck

Heyy there friend!!
I just got back home from my boyfriend's house (-: had a super fun time!! Corey was having fight night for UFC 303, so I decided to join in on the chaos. Thankfully I texted our friend Tori to come have girl time amongst the boys! We talked about sooo much ugh I adore her ♥ I didn't watch all of the fights in close detail, but I def focused when the big one between Pereira v. Procházka (antenna man!!) came on. Was pretty wild, I think Procházka last signal and couldn't see the end coming!! It was so fun seeing Corey's reactions and listening to him analyze fighters with his friends all night. I was even nerding out a tiny bit and started talking about some UFC stuff with Tori, such as goofy ass people like Johnny Walker (cave man dude)!!

In other news, my family, Corey, and I all went to a water park the other day and it was A LOT - not really but it sure did feel like it !! My family doesn't really do stuff like this, so it was something new for everyone. The whole reason we went was because my little sister got a free ticket for doing so well with her reading (she's in 3rd grade and reads on a 5th grade level - I am so unbelievably proud of her, she is so smart and talented and sweet and perfect!!!). We had a really good time, but the lines for the different rides were too long to deal with so we all stayed in the lazy river/rapids. Corey had been to this water park a bunch of times and knew how to have fun, so he guided us in our inner-tubes/floaties down the river. He's a huge reason why we had such a good time, I appreciate him so much!! We even hyped up my sister to do the rapids with us and she loved it! It was really nice seeing my parents have fun and enjoy themselves like that too, made me happy that we could all experience that together. I know this is going to be a core memory for my sister to look back at down the line (-,:

I've been so sentimental lately and seeing Inside Out 2 with my mom and sister earlier today DID NOT HELP!!!!!! it was such a sweet movie omg I was ready to cry 30 minutes in cause I kept imagining my little sister growing up and becoming a teenager )-,: my sweet girl, I don't want her to get bigger, but I am always so excited to see how she develops and discovers herself! Later into the movie I started relating to it more and more, so then I was crying for a different reason UGH It was all so good! Again, it was so nice having a mother-daughters date at the movies. I haven't experienced that with my mom since I was in my early teens I think - jeez! Feeling very thankful for my momma ♥

I also wanted to make note of something that made me feel very happy: my step dad had briefly mentioned wanting flowers for father's day a few weeks prior to the holiday, so I got him REALLY NICE & BEAUTIFUL flowers along with his favorite candy and some sweet tea. Those flowers lasted like two weeks and still looked pretty good when we threw them away recently. When we did get rid of them, my step dad had said "Am I gonna get more? I really like having flowers in the house." I don't know, sometimes I find glimpses of softness in him and it makes me see him differently in a good way. I like that something as simple as fresh flowers makes him happy, it makes me happy. I'm happy I was able to fulfill his wish and make him feel special for father's day ♥

talk soon xoxoxo,

June 17, 2024 1:06AM
Feeling: AMAZING n tired
Songs: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Fake Friends & Alanis Morissette - Everything

OMG Heyyyy!! I just got back from the show and needed to pop in real quick to say I JUST SAW JOAN FUCKING JETT LIVE!!!! and I saw ALANIS MORISSETTE AHHHHH!!!! Absolutely insane and brain altering that I got to experience all of that WITH MY MOM! She had sucha good time too ugh, I'm so grateful that we got to have time alone and could go to something like this. Some other concerts were being advertised and now we're considering seeing 30 Seconds to Mars together! My mom loves Jared Leto (he is actually so terrifying to me, I am being dead serious. That man is not human), so hopefully we get to do that later down the line! I also saw Korn was playing around my birthday and immediately had to tell Corey. He brought up getting tickets as an early birthday present so DEFINITELY hoping the best for that!

Anyways, that is all. Joan Jett is a goddess and to be in her presence is a blessing. Alanis Morissette is a national treasure and should be protected at all costs!

K byee xoxox

June 11, 2024
Feeling: grateful
Songs: Chappell Roan - Red Wine Supernova & Billie Eilish - LUNCH

Hellllooo!! It's been a minute since I've touched my site!

I hope you're doing well and takin' care of yourself! I've been doing fairly well, I feel like A LOT has happened between my last post and now jeeez. I finished up my last semester of college in early May, took the rest of the month off to relax and celebrate which mostly consisted of catching up on sleep and going to doctors appointments - kinda suckyy.

In the midst of the moderate chaos my boyfriend, Corey, and I went a Melanie Martinez concert and OH MY GODDD when I tell you the whole show was INCREDIBLE I truly mean it from the deepest corners of my soul!!! A few days prior I had found out that Beach Bunny and Men I Trust were opening for Melanie and I about freaked tf out AHHH THEY WERE SO GOOD AND EMMA PROULX SOUNDED SO BEAUTIFUL LIVE!!!! Melanie's whole set was practically a theatrical performance - absolutely blown away by everyone on stage! It was so cool seeing other people's outfits from different eras of Melanie. The only things that sucked was my 30-something dollar margarita AND having to stand the whole time Mel performed. Girl my feet were HURTIN' in the end dear god... I'm gettin' too old for this. Anyways, that definitely became one of my top favorite shows next to Papa Roach and Remi Wolf. That might change soon cause my mom and I are going to see Joan Jett and Alanis Morissette! A little nervous, like the pre-show jitters, but I'm super excited to have this experience! It's fuckin' Joan Jett!!! & Alanis Morissette!!! Also my first concert with my mom, so I'm feeling super grateful and excited for that, I love her so much! I love when I can find ways for our interests to blend together, like when I got her into animal crossing and now she finishes and restarts islands all the time. I could go on about her for hours ugh!

Onto more recent news, I've been making moves within developing my career path. DOn't have that much of an idea of what I'm doing, but research and finding resources for discussion are moves forward. I made an appointment with a career coach later this week so I can get some guidance on which direction to take. Really hope they don't make me take a bunch of assessments cause I've done em all! One that I took today looked at my career readiness and my results were on par with the expectation scores for average employers; TLDR - I've pretty damn competent and prepared when it comes to general skills needed in the workforce, very cool stuff. Another assessment I looked at simulated the salary I would need based on certain lifestyle choices and I ended up needed like $66k to afford everything and that was with the options of a studio apartment, basic ass necessities to live, paying off student debt, and putting a little bit into savings selected. LIVING IS TOO EXPENSIVE - what's new?

To combat the never ending stress of life, I've been hangning out with some friends! My anxiety has been rough lately, so I made a vision board with some affirmations, manifesting pics, role models, and personality aesthetic pics to help me have a better mindset. I showed it off to my friend Korrin and we immediately made plans to make some together! I had saved so many pics to my vision board on pinterest, so making a second one was already in the plans (i honestly might make another...). Korrin brought some extra supplies and we got BUSY! It was so fun catching up and getting crafty together (-: we're gonna finish them next week! I also got to see my friend Mark today AHHH!!! It's always a good time when we're together, always picking up right where we left off! We mostly yapped about a bunch of stuff and got caught up on things going on, the usual for us!

Okie that is all for noww!! Gonna go binge watch Jenna & SNooki and pack my overnight bag for my bf's house tomorrow AHHH!!! practically living there at this point - I'm only coming home when he's working, I need to get stuff done, or his schedule is too crazy to work with!

Xoxo bye,

April 18, 2024
Feeling: productive & proud (with a bit of stress)
Song: Be Your Own Pet - Becky & Generation - Ego

Hello! I feel like so much has happened since I last posted, but at the same time I feel like NOTHING has happened. Lots of ups and downs between being very busy and very lazy.

So to start, I GOT SICK TWICE IN A ROW! I had mentioned the first time I got sick in my last post, which ended up taking me like a week and a half to finally start feeling better. Then my mom caught a cold from work and I immediately got it too omggg pure hell!! Thankfully I got over it within a week, but damn getting hit two times in a row was rough.

In the short time between getting sick again I had my first therapy session, which was mostly a consultion to see where I'm at on things and what my goals are. I was super stressed about potentially not liking my therapist, especially because my past experiences with other therapist were not the greatest. Thank the lord this woman is super nice and funny ommggg we immediately clicked and she was super into how prepared and self aware I was towards wanting guidance on things. Feeling very confident that she can help me process things and form that better version of myself (-:

I have such HORRIBLE health anxiety and I constantly think there are serious things wrong with me, so I ripped the band-aid off and decided to make an appointment with my lady doctor to get a well women's check up. Everything seemed to be falling into place once I made the appointment online, but the other day I got an appointment confirmation email that was immediately followed up with a voice mail from the office saying they couldn't do my original appointment date and that I need to reschedule. I called sooooo many times to reschedule and kept getting sent to their voice mail ughhh!!! Like girl I get you guys are busy, but not a single person picked up in the seven times I called over two days.... BUT today I called once again and finally got things handled. I usually HATE talking on the phone to make appointments and stuff, but lately I've just overcome this fear??? sorta?? I don't know, but I'm very proud of myself for adulting with severe anxiety weighing on my chest constantly.

In other news, I'm attending my very last day of class for the semester! I can't believe I'm graduating next month and moving into a new chapter of my life. I've been day dreaming about these goals for so long and to be getting closer and closer to them feels surreal, exciting, and scary. I'm excited to be making money that will be put towards moving out! Excited to find my own rhythm with living on my own! Excited to create a space that promotes further growth! It is going to be stressful annd overwhelming and exhausting, but it's also empowering and exhilarating. I'm also very excited to be going through these steps with my boyfriend, Corey !!

That is all for now (-: I'm gonna go home and take a longggg nap. I've been super into watching Evil (Michael Emerson is a terrifying man) and that new Fallout show (Michael is everywhere... help!). Crazy how the fallout universe has become super popular again, but no amount of attention will ever make Fallout 76 interesting and playable!!

K byeeee,
   Tay xoxox

March 30, 2024
Feeling: nostalgic & reflective
Song: Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone & GERM - Pulling Up ft. $UICIDEBOY$

Howdy there! Long time, no blog!

I've been sick for the past two weeks and I'm finally starting to feel better. About two weeks ago I had met up with my lovely friend Cam and their sister, Lyndsey. It was my first time meeting Lyndsey and omggg I love her so much AHHH!! Truly my missing puzzle piece, life now feels more complete. I'm like Thanos with the infinity stones, I just keep collecting all these amazing people (-,: Anyways, while hanging out we got on the topic of no nicotine vapes and they had showed me this herbal (?) no nic vape that Lyndsey said tastes like jasmine. Of course I had to take a hit and that is where I made my mistake LOL it tasted like grape for one, but two - Cam thought they had gotten over a recent cold, but unfortunately I caught said cold. DEAR GOD it was kinda rough!! My physical symptoms, like the congestion and cough, weren't that bad but the brain fog, fatigue, and overall weakness was pretty crazy. The last time I got sick was maybe two or so years ago when I had caught covid for the first and only time (thank the lord) and that wasn't tooo bad, so this was on par with that.

The SHITTY part about all of this was I couldn't see my boyfriend )))-,: He stopped by in the beginning to delivery me some meds and yummy subway - my sweet mans is always takin' care of me! But I kept my distance and quarantined so he wouldn't get sick too.

In the midst of being sick, my long-time friend Bryce was in the process of packing up and moving to another state so OF COURSE I had to see him and say my goodbyes ))-: We met up for lunch and ended up talking in my car for HOURS!! It was very cleansing, therapeutic, healing, and gave me closure in some ways. I've been reflecting on life a lot lately, which has resulted in me feeling all sorts of ways. Like duh I've been growing up for years now, but the reality of it all has been setting in hardcore - especially after seeing my friend leave to start a new chapter in their life. I'm finishing school super soon, starting therapy again, and making all the moves to get my career in order (somehow idk what I'm doing ever tbh).

As scary as life is with its endless changes and bumps in the road, I'm still excited to move through it. I'm excited to see how I overcome things and how it encourages my growth. I hope it allows me to learn how to become more secure and comfortable with the unknown - that's what scares me the most.

On a more recent note, Corey and I watched Roadhouse today and I give it like an 8 or 8.5/10 - a huge part of that is due to Conor McGregor looking fuckin' crazyyyy, like coked out ready to kill crazy lol I loved it! In the beginning of our relationship Corey had told me one of his hobbies is UFC, so as a supportive girlfriend I immediately started learning some things about that world so I could understand the things he tells me better. I WASN"T EXPECTING TO BECOME FULLY INVESTED and now I get UFC videos all over my social media feed !!! I knew I was in deep when I searched all over tik tok looking for someone streaming the 299 O'Malley v. Vera fight - ended up watching the whole thing in SPANISH!! was sick as fuck though.

anywayyyys, I'm gonna go eat some yummy eggs that my little sister and I decorated for easter ((-: gonna try watching more of The Boys (corey also got me into that - I'm a changed woman now because of him, can't complain) I'm only on the second episode but damn its crazy already!!


February 14, 2024
feeling: lovey dovey & grateful
song: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride and Joy & Remi Wolf - Prescription

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Currently in my gender identity psych class lol we're watching a movie on how children understand gender labeling and stereotypes - very interesting, but I'm too tired to fully pay attention so you know the drill lmao time to blog!!

Anyways, little update! This past weekend my boyfriend and I had a lovely time away to celebrate the lovey dovey holiday. He had rented us a reallllly nice airbnb, got me SO MANY heartfelt gifts - I'm so spoiled. One of the gifts he got me was this heart shaped glass-like figurine that had an engraved picture of us from our first concert on the inside. He also had a sweet quote engraved next to the picture that says, "music sounds better when I'm with you, and I never want to miss a beat" OH MY GOD the amount of crying I did ahhhhh!! It also came with a little light up stand, so I love having it on to add some color to my room! He also got me TWO cards, one was labeled "cool card" and it was a bouqet of roses that popped up when you open it. He thought it was really pretty so he had to get it for me, duhhh! The other one was labeled "sweet card" and he had written THE SWEETEST LITTLE LETTER for me inside - this almost made me ugly cry. Of course he got me flowers, which I have been obsessed with omg they smell soooo good. SOme of them have started withering, like the hydrangeas, so I've started the flower pressing and drying process. I bundled up the roses and hung them up on my wall - I hope they dry out nicely.

While at the airbnb, we watched movies and goofed around a bunch. We closed off the outside world, so it felt so nice just existing together. I kept day dreaming about how it would be to live together after spending the whole weekend with each other. That's a goal for much further down the road, but it's still sweet to think about. The house was quite small and we kept talking about how we could make it work and how the open layout was really nice.

Sunday morning, Corey got up early to cook me breakfast. He woke me up with lots of kisses and an already made plate of eggs, bacon, and toast (my fav). He did such a good job, everything was SO YUMMY!! The night before, he had bought us tickets to the aquarium and omfg I was SO EXCITED!!! I got all dolled up and felt soooo cute (-,: Corey looked so handsome too! I got him a matching ring and necklace set that he wore on our little date!

While at the aquarium, we saw penguins, sharks, seals, rays, starfish, and soooo much more! I was FREAKING TF OUT over the sharks - they swam up super close to the glass a few times which was crazyyy to see! Every since I was little, I have always been obsessed with sharks and I frequently have said I want to swim with them at some point in my life. No idea if that will happen though, def insane but who knows. We also got to see some jelly fish!! They had a ton of moon jellies, which is one of my favorites as well. There were a ton of other fish, but I had no clue what they were besides the clown fish (Nemo) and the blue tangs (Dory). I was hoping to see an octopus or some sea horses, but they didn't have any unfortunately. I believe we also saw some nursing sharks - they were so pretty!! Once we were done, we went to the gift shop and got a few things. Corey found a SICK octopus necklace and I found the cutest sea horse necklace and jelly fish hanging decor that I LOVEE!! We were there for like... 2 hours?? idk but we both got hit with a wave of tired and decided to get lunch and go home.

This is when the sucky part happened... We got some Sonic since it was the easiest to get. I was so excited to eat my popcorn chicken and fries ughhh, but after eating like half of it I started feeling sooo gross inside. Corey left to get me ibuprofen, which helped for a while but then I got REALLY nauseous and anxious. I'm SUCH a cry baby and will get emotional over just about anything (I be cryin' when I miss corey too much) and of course I ended up crying about my upset stomach. We had plans for Corey to cook us burgers for dinner, but because I didn't feel good and nothing was going to plan, I just cried lol bless Corey and all his patience cause I was such a mess. He was so sweet, understanding, and gentle with me through it all. We tried tums, but that didn't really help. We watched the whole super bowl (usher's performance was actually soooo cool omg - h.e.r. really popped off on that guitar) and i STILL did not feel good. Corey was like, "we've tried just about everything hon... I think you're gonna have to get everything out of your stomach. I know you don't want to, but it's been hours..." I agreed and proceeded to barf lol it was TRAUMATIC! I felt kinda better, but still not that great. I was even more anxious because at this point it's almost midnight and we needed to get up early the next day to clean the place up and leave before checkout @ 11am. ALL OF THE SUDDEN I remembered I had Dramamine in my purse.... I told Corey and he was just like SMH really?!? I took it and didn't feel that much better, but it made me sleepy enough to not feel so anxious and allowed me to actually sleep for a few hours. It wasn't until maybe two or so days later that I actually started to feel normal again. My whole body was sore from being so tense and upset ugh! Corey and I are pretty convinced that the Sonic is what messed me up cause he said he also felt kinda gross on the inside after eating it, just not as bad as me lol.

Besides being held hostage by my stomach and being a complete crybaby, I still had SUCH AN AMAZING TIME AHHH!!!! Corey went above and beyond to make this weekend happen for us, so I'm forever grateful for that. This is the type of treatment I have always dreamed about. I can't lie, I love that princess treatment from him lol but I also make sure to spoil him as much as I can. I forgot to mention that I wrote a FIVE page love letter to him with a bunch of kisses all over the pages! He loved it and def shed a few tears afterwards (-,: he's so sweet. We constantly give each other everything we've ever wanted and so much more - always healing various parts of each other. I'm very lucky to have a man like him. On actual Valentine's Day, Corey had to work a late shift so he came over a few hours beforehand and we had very yummyyy chick-fil-a! Thir siracha sauce is literal crack!! Afterwards, we watched more of this HILARIOUS Half Life series that I found years ago and randomly decided to show Corey. We eventually got sleeepy and took the best nap ever ugh!

Anyways, class is almost over so I must go! I'm prob gonna get a little loosey goosey and binge watch more Grey's Anatomy. I'm likeeee half way through season 11 and UGH so much has happened. I'm gonna be left feeling sad and empty when I finally finish the whole show - what will I hyper fixate on next??

     X0XxOXo Tay

January 26, 2024
Feeling: loosey goosey & excited!!
Songs: Mars Argo - I Can Only Be Me & Scrim - paradise

Feels like life has been so busy and fast paced lately!

Right before I started my first week of the spring semester, I had to abruptly leave to Michigan to attend my great grandmother's funeral. My family and I stuffed ourselves into a car and drove all the way to Houghton, MI. Seeing the snow pile up more and more as we moved up north was pretty exciting. As a southerner, I have seen snow twice in my whole 23 years of life and only one of those times had somewhat significant amounts of snow that stuck around for a day. Once we got to Houghton, I believe the temperature dropped down to -8 (F) at night and stayed around 2 (F) during the day. I'm not sure how much exactly, but there were def a few FEET of snow!! It was really pretty (-: Anyways, many of my family member were able to attend the funeral, but we were still missing large portions of people )-: haven't seen my cousins in forever. It was really nice seeing everyone else though, especially my grandmother. She is my whole world omg I love that woman more than life!! She helped raise me up until my later teen years, then she moved up north. Our bond is very deep and everyone talks about it - we have an ongoing joke that we're gonna move in together and get bunk beds (-,: I love my grandma!

Anyways, it was very nice coming together to celebrate the life of my great grandmother. She was 94!! OOoOo girl okayyy!! She was born in a snow storm and peacefully passed during another, which felt very full circle to me. The first half of the trip we had spent traveling and seeing my grandmother, the second half was more traveling and visiting my grandpa (-: Was feeling VERY homesick at this point, so the THREE days driving back home were actual TORTURE (/hyp).

On a more recent note, I'm SUPER excited for my bf's birthday (I got him such good/cute/useful stuff ahhhh!!) followed up by Valentine's Day!! AHHH!!! We're making plans for a weekend away at an Airbnb ((-: I got him even more stuff for that, AHHH I wish I could say!!! I wanna give it to him already!!!

ALSO, I've become extremely invested in Grey's Anatomy and have binged watched to early season 7!!! I have endured SO MANY traumatic events in this show omg (and a lot of sex too wtf)!! and I still have so many seasons left (20 total). The shooting happened and I SOBBED over McDreamy :O Meredith has changed so much, she doesn't need more bad shit happening (ridiculous thought to have to begin with). I'm excited and terrified for what's to come in later seasons...

Have to do a bunch of homework and finish prepping gifts tomorrow!! I've actually been really enjoying my classes this semester, one is about gender and racial identity & the other is about social problems - very intriguing!!

K byeeee,
     X0XxOXo Tay

January 8, 2024
Feeling: nostalgic & optimistic
Songs: Fergie - Clumsy & Sophia Powers - Better On Mute

New year, new blog page!!
It's giving 2005 Myspace, I love it so much. I remember my dad and I spending hours working on my myspace page that I had as a kid lol. It had a hot pink avril lavigne skull theme/aesthetic, but I remember being super obsessed with tinker bell at the time so it def had a few tink glitter gifs here and there. I had barely any friends and didn't care to really interact with anyone online, but omg I loved just logging in and looking at everything. I think it also had a playlist linked (like above) that had a ton of avril, pink, and fergie songs on it. The simple times lol

Spent the night at my boyfriends house this past weekend, ugh I never wanted to leave. We went shopping on saturday and it was soooo fun!! We got korean corn dogs that were amazing, but def does not top the Two Hands korean corn dogs I've had. Them dawgs were gooooood omg!!!! Anyways, Corey was on the look out for some new cologne so we stopped at a perfume store. After a little bit of trial and error we found a really nice cologne for him, but the employee helping us also showed me this perfume that SMELLED AMAZING. They said it has a sweet strawberry milk scent that is super similar to Melanie Martinez's Crybaby perfume that is now discontinued )))-,: immediately asked Corey to take a picture of the perfume bottle so we could come back for it at a later date. God, it was soooo good and long lasting - like i still had it on me the next day!!! Whilst we were bouncing from store to store, two ladies had complimented my outfit ((-,: the first time a woman in a car near us had rolled down her window and compliment my skirt, saying I looked so good AHHHHH!!! Immediately made my day omg!!!!

As much as I love receiving compliments, I love giving them out just as much. I recently met up with my friend Cam for lunch to celebrate their birthday. Our waitress had such pretty make up that I had to tell her and when I did, I could see her face light up and everything! She was so sweet and it warmed my heart making her feel good! prior to that, I had held the door open for an elderly couple and their grand-daughter. The grandpa said thank you and then COMPLIMENTED MY MAKE UP!!! MY HEART!!! Ugh so damn sweet, sometimes I just love people ((-:

Moving on, I finally got around to doing my financial aid, buying textbooks, and getting a renewed parking pass. I have two classes left to take and then I graduate in May. Speaking of graduating, I still need to apply.... ugh, the demands of adulthood never end. Finishing college feels bittersweet. It feels like growing up and learning to not cry when you rip the band-aid off (i still cry a little sometimes tbh). I'm very scared about the transition into the work force. My whole life has been guided and (in a way) laid out for me - I just do the necessary requirements for my plan and then move on to the next plan. There hasn't been a ton of wiggle room for me to completely decide where I want to go, until now. I'm very thankful to be in this position, I have a lot of different paths I can take that have relatively consistent stability throughout them. I think what's scariest about this transition is am I gonna feel adequate enough for it? The world is so big and so complex that most of the time I feel too small to ever conquer it in any way. Am I smart enough to compete? Do I possess the right tools to get me to where I need to go? Do I even have enough energy to follow through? Is it gonna make or break me? Where will I end up? Is this really what I want to do?

Even though I sit here and think all of those thoughts, I still know that everything will be okay in the end. Living in not about having all the answers or knowing exactly what to do. It's not about having all the right tools to be the absolute best at any given point. It's not the end of the world if something doesn't work out. I think it's about confidence and doing the best you can with what you have in the moment.

Okay bye for now,
             X0XxOXo Tay